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Whether you are a professional or beginning writer or filmmaker, we can guide you to a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of story and storymaking. This state-of-the-art story knowledge will take you beyond Classical Story Structure, Three Acts, The Hero’s Journey, Conflict and Turning Points- important, but small parts of a larger picture- to a revolutionary new story model that can give you the tools you need to become a master of the art form — and do it every time. Everything we do is designed to help you establish and advance your story or filmmaking career.

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“Top Nine Online Screenwriting Courses (Plus One)”
by Andrew Gnerre
“James Bonnet is too strong of a screenwriting education resource to ignore. Having spent the past twenty years as a sort of screenwriting mystic, Bonnet has been hard at work unraveling the inner workings of successful stories and spitting out inspired theories on ‘story alchemy’ and the origin of story. Bonnet has taught these secrets to hungry students for years and now has two seminars on the horizon, one in Los Angeles and one in Nans Sous Sainte Anne, France. Both writing classes give students the opportunity to hear an expanded take on Bonnet’s story tome “Stealing Fire from the Gods” and sharpen their screenwriting blades for battle. More details can be found on his site, which is itself a useful resource.”

“James Bonnet isn’t saying the same old thing. He’s about challenging you to look deeply into your own fascination and attraction; to mine your story for the richness and texture that compels you to write; and to connect you to a noble lineage of story tellers. His tools will jump-start and intrigue you. Your connection to your craft will deepen, and your horizons will expand.”
Raymond Singer, screenwriter Disney’s Mulan

“James Bonnet’s Stealing Fire from the Gods Workshop/Retreat is a must for every creative writer–especially in the screenplay domain. Even for experienced authors and creative thinkers, James has a unique way of revealing the skeletal structure of the story you wish to write, and even more, revealing the essential lineaments of what Joseph Campbell called “The Monomyth” the essential archetypal story of human struggle and fulfillment that can be understood by any child or adult, and from whatever culture.  James Bonnet’s commitment to the same underlying principles of creative visioning and writing has matured and developed for over for thirty years–which marks him as a master.  Or if you prefer, think of him as a Promethean wizard whose fire-theft has been so successful, it can boil any number of cauldrons of inspiration, including your own.
Stephen Larsen, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, SUNY, and author of A Fire in the MindThe Life of Joseph Campbell, and the recent award-winning: The Fundamentalist Mind:  How Polarized Thinking Imperils Us  All.

“Your seminar was without a doubt the most valuable class I’ve ever taken on writing.”
Jon Gindik, Cross Harp Press”

This book will certainly be a bible for writers.”
Jack Wiener, Producer, FX and FX2

“Anyone who is interested in structuring feeling and thought into words and story will find Stealing Fire stimulating and worthwhile. I recommend it.”
Elliott Gould, Actor, Academy Award Nominee

“Challenging and provocative.”
David Rintels, Emmy, Writers Guild and Peabody Award Winning Writer, Producer

“My advice to aspiring writers is simple: Read this book. There are some real pearls here.”
Billy Ray, Screenwriter of Flight PlanHunger Games, Academy Award Nominee for Captain Phillips

“James Bonnet has drawn on his vast experience as a writer and knowledge of storytelling to create a bold, insightful journey into the creative process with Stealing Fire From the Gods.”
William R. Ewing, Producer, Writer, End of the Spear

“Employing psychological theory and his own hard-won insights, James Bonnet demystifies the magic of creative storytelling. Stealing Fire from the Gods is intelligent and fascinating.”
Robert Crais, New York Times Best-Selling Novelist

“Bonnet has tapped into a wellspring of lost knowledge unlocking the natural storyteller that is encoded in each and every one of us.”
Bob Camp, Artist, Writer, Director, and Co-creator of The Ren and Stimpy Show

“Bonnet achieves what no one else has in moving beyond formulaic approaches to creating stories. Formulas don’t work without the essence of true story which he has been able to depict in Stealing Fire from the Gods.”
Michael Elias, Writer, Producer, Director, Actor

“I recommend this book for every screenwriter. I also recommend it for producers, actors and directors with an eye toward Hollywood.”