James Bonnet’s Free Online Story Course for Screenwriters and Novelists

by James Bonnet

I am starting to build an online story course on my website and I have decided to share all of this knowledge with you free of charge while this online course is being constructed. The content of this course will be delivered to you first through my newsletter and then posted as articles in the Online Story Course on my website. After the construction is completed the content of the course will disappear behind the portals of our new school and we will make it available to the public, who will be required to register and pay a tuition fee to experience them. I’m estimating it will take several years to construct and there will be new content throughout that entire period. So enjoy now for free and invite your writer, filmmaker, novelist, and story-interested friends to do so as well.

Of course, if you prefer the fast track or personal contact, or you have read my book: Stealing Fire From the Gods, the Complete Guide to Story for Writers and Filmmakers and are ready for the master class, then come to my intensive weekend story seminars in Los Angeles, the one-on-one workshop retreats in France or Santa Monica, or collaborate and consult by phone, skype or email.

Story Course Curriculum Overview 

This online story course is for screenwriters, directors, producers, novelists, video game creators, lawyers, psychologists, corporations and anyone else whose livelihood and interests depend on knowing what makes a story great and successful. It will be an in-depth, step by step, easy to understand look at everything you need to know to master the craft – and will include special advanced previews of my new book, Cracking the Story Code: The Hidden Structures in Great Stories and What They Mean — which will be finished in the Fall of 2017. These advanced previews will include the detailed analysis of the world’s greatest, most powerful and successful stories and films and what their hidden structures and patterns are revealing about ourselves and our evolutionary path. Also there will be periodic overviews of all of the other important story models from Aristotle’s Classical Story Structure to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey and everyone else of significance in between – and how each of the important ideas in these models have been synthesized into our story model, The Golden Paradigm.