Bonus Articles

You have, no doubt, heard of The Hero’s Journey. In this article, we will explore the lesser-known ANTI-hero’s journey and the uncharted dark side of the passage—the place where the dark forces live and hatch their nefarious schemes. In real life, it’s people like Hitler, Jack the Ripper and Saddam Hussein who personify these dark… Read more

by James Bonnet This bonus article can be appreciated by all writers and filmmakers but will be of special interest to writer-storymakers who are trying to decide where to best invest their creative energies and talents – the novel or the screenplay. I’ll begin with some general observations concerning the novelist and the filmwright, a film’s… Read more

  By James Bonnet The three act structure, which is the most popular storymaking tool being used in Hollywood these days, it turns out, isn’t really a story structure at all. It’s a holdover from the theater and the arbitrary division of an action into three parts, and you can’t find it in the great… Read more