Sample Chapters

by James Bonnet So, what happened to this natural storymaking process? Why was it cut off? Why are stories with this kind of power only rarely, or accidentally, being created? While I would be the last person to attack the virtues of the written word, the fact remains that when these old great stories were finally… Read more

by James Bonnet The purpose of story, then, is to guide us to our full potential and the nature of story is to conceal that purpose in an enticing sugar coat that lures us into the experience. But if the purpose is concealed then how does it do its work? The great story does its work… Read more

by James Bonnet The purpose of great stories, then, is to guide us to our full potential. Now let’s talk about the nature of story — why the old great story takes the form it does and why its secrets have to be concealed. The ego that would be guided through these passages presents the creative… Read more

by James Bonnet Now, if the creative unconscious used these great stories to communicate with us, then it must have participated in their creation. And so it did. These old great stories, which really could change people’s lives, were not authored by individuals the way stories are today but were evolved naturally and instinctively by unconscious… Read more

by James Bonnet “Then in March of  1989 something rather extraordinary happened and one of these elements tumbled into the center and the rest began to constellate around it. When this transformation was complete, a new model, the Golden Paradigm, had emerged. Previous models, like those of Aristotle and Joseph Campbell, had been created by the… Read more

The great myths, legends and fairy tales were created in oral traditions, in a wholly natural and instinctive way by a very special but subtle collaboration between our conscious and creative unconscious selves. This natural storymaking process was so dynamic, well established and innate, there was no need for anyone to consciously understand exactly how… Read more

When I first came to Hollywood as a young writer more than thirty years ago, I wanted to do something really significant with my talent. I wanted to create novels and films that had the quality of authors like Dostoyevski and Tolstoy. So after working as a writer in television for several years, I decided… Read more