Getting There – Being There – Going Beyond

Getting There


Nans Sous Sainte Anne is in the Franche Comte, which is halfway down the eastern side of France, close to the Swiss border, a little to the south of Besancon. The nearest small towns are Salins-les-Bains, Ornans, and Levier. A variety of carriers service this area directly from Paris and other cities; the TGV, the high speed train, can take you to Frasne, the closest train station, where we would pick you up. It is 2 3/4 hours by high speed rail from Paris and 1 1/2 from Geneva.

By car, Nans Sous Sainte Anne is about 45 minutes from Besancon, 2 hours from Geneva, and 2 1/2 hours from Lyon.


Complete directions will be sent to you upon request.

Please note:

All participants should plan on arriving in Nans Sous Sainte Anne by the evening before the first class – hopefully in time for a wine and cheese soiree where you will meet James Bonnet and get your first taste of Nans Sous Sainte Anne – and departing no earlier than late afternoon of the last workshop.

Being There

Nans Sous Sainte Anne is located in a valley of limestone cliffs and forests in the Franche-Comte.


It is a very small beautifil village dating back to the 13th century in the area of the ancient Celtic and Roman salt routes.


The village is surrounded by forested hills and is a pristine haven little known in the United States, but loved by European sports enthusiasts and nature lovers — perfect for walking, hiking, cycling and mountain biking, rockclimbing, hang-gliding, and fishing.
Hang Gliding

Within walking distance of the village are the sources of two rivers, the Lison and the Verneau, which create wonderful cascades and waterfalls. The Source du Lison is a 15 minute walk from the l’Ombre du Chateau and the nearby caves at the source of the River Verneau are very popular with spelunkers and geologists.

Source de Lison



Going Beyond Nans sous Sainte Anne

For those students who wish to expand their stay to enjoy the Jura and surrounding areas, day trips can be planned. Some possible choices are a trip to Château de Chillon in Montreux (look for Byron’s grafitti in the dungeon,) to le Hospice de Beaune (founded in 1443 as a  hospital for the poor and needy,) to Baume les Messieurs (visit the Grotto and the Abbaye,) to the hilltop village of Chateau Chalon, or to a French morning market in Burgundy.


Château de Chillon in Montreux

Le Hospice de Beaune

Le Hospice de Beaune

Baume les Messieurs

Baume les Messieurs

Farmers Market in Burgundy

Farmers Market in Burgundy


Chateau Chalon

A Burgundy vineyard

A Burgundy vineyard