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James Bonnet’s Storymaking:
The Master Class
The Quintessential Screenwriting and Storymaking Seminar



by the author of

Stealing Fire from the Gods:
The Complete Guide to Story for Writers and Filmmakers


Professional and beginning Screenwriters, Directors, Producers, Novelists, Creative Studio Executives, Video Game Creators and anyone else whose livelihood depends on knowing what makes a story great and successful.

THE INTENSIVE TWO DAY STORY SEMINAR As we move through a step-by-step journey from the inspiration to the final draft, we will take an in-depth look at all the essential story concepts and principles, including the essence of story – that without which there would be no story; the creative unconscious source of our creativity; and the story model that contains the hidden story structures all great stories have in common.

These hidden structures are intimately linked to the source of our creativity and are extremely powerful. They are the reason some great stories defy time and remain active and relevant for hundreds and even thousands of years. I will show you how to tap into these hidden structures to create great stories that make a powerful psychological connection, are enduring and have universal appeal.

You will also discover in this seminar: 

  • How to create Visual Story Metaphors, Compelling Genres and Narrative Structures that will make your story truly unique, and the High Concept Great Ideas (and Log-lines) that will be talked about, generate excitement and compel the right people to get involved.
  • How to create Charismatic Characters and Intriguing Plots, Outstanding Heroes and Antiheroes, Memorable Scenes and Great Dialogue, Magic Objects, Passion, Terror, and Suspense.
  • Plus how to use the Six Essential Creative Techniques and the most effective and dramatic use of the Complications, Crisis, Climax and Resolution of the Dominant Plot.

We will also thoroughly analyze many of today’s most powerful and successful stories and films, and I will give you a preview of my upcoming new book: Cracking the Story Code, a work in progress — and much much more.

With this new deeper understanding of story there will be no limit to the power and art that can be created through your work.


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